The Method of Casting

For any spell work, the appropriate spell ingredients will be placed upon the altar or inside of a small envelope whose color corresponds to the intention.  A spell's ingredients will involves a number of different herbs, candle(s), crystals, certain incense, magickal dust or other item. Your name is written on the petition, the picture, or the spell envelope and a photo taken , so when it comes to sending over photographic proof, you can be confident the spell is indeed yours.

For the actual casting process, I prepare myself properly for the upcoming magickal act to be performed.  During the cast itself I light a candle, then proceed to allow it to burn over your petition or will burn your envelope or picture in the flame before placing it in my cauldron.  At various times while the candle is lit and the items may be burning, I recite out loud the magickal request and any particular ritual words or chant which may apply.  While the spell burns, I take a photo for you. 

Photographs are never taken of sister circle rituals. If your spell is cast during such gathering you will receive only the email with information of your cast.