Become a Member of the Circle  

and make Magick Happen!

You need to have a Magickal Mindset and Mystical Eyes to 

Manifest and Live a Magickal Life. 

Are you Ready? It's time!

Now there is an opportunity for you to become a Circle Member and bring intuition and magick to all areas of your life!  

You get to discover your power and be part of an amazing community that supports you in your journey to manifest real changes in your daily life. 

I'm so excited to offer this opportunity to connect with this amazing community of people while exploring your Intuitive and Magickal journey!

I'm excited because I'll get to connect with you personally as you discover how to transform your life and begin to manifest all the things that you desire in life.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge of  "The Woo Woo Stuff", or be of any certain belief system. I strive to teach in a totally secular way so that you can gain real and actionable practices and information that you can blend into whatever your belief system may be. 

Yes, that means we will be reaching into ALL the Woo Woo areas to allow you to discover how
wonderfully magickal your life can be by working towards success using all types of skills, talents, and gifts. Intuitive development, manifesting practices, magickal practices, meditations, energy alignments, crystals, connecting with your Spirit Team, and more!  

You'll be taking action each month towards your transformation by learning and putting into practice such things as:
  • How to open your Intuitive gifts to allow yourself clear guidance and insight 
  • The ways of Simple Witchcraft and how to work it into daily life
  • How to implement steps that can be taken to allow the removal of obstacles from your path
  • Learn to merge your everyday mundane tasks with magickal energies
  • Classes to learn the basics, techniques, tips, and secrets of Living a Magickal Life
  • Learn about Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, and Divination
  • Learn how to connect with your Spirit Team for answers and guidance
  • Learn to step into your Personal Power to allow Ease and Flow Manifesting  


Plus more to allow you to become the powerful, magickal, amazing person that you were put here to be!  

No special abilities, tools, or expensive exotic herbs needed! 

You'll learn to use what you have around you and within you to create powerful manifestations and changes for yourself. 

YOU are the driver in your magickal journey. 

So learn to be the best driver you can be!

Discover Your Intuitive Talents

Learn how to open up your intuition and recognize the signs and messages that are coming to you through Spirit. Psychic and Mediumship skills allow you to connect with and receive guidance that helps you to avoid major life pitfalls.  

Learn and Expand Your Craft

Learn the basics of working with energies as well as dive deeper into subjects that will help you build your magickal confidence and ability. No expensive tools or special skills required to bring magick into your everyday life in real, actionable ways allowing you to manifest the life you desire and deserve.  

Enjoy Witches with Wine virtual gatherings with your circle family each month and more. 

Be a part of a Supportive Community

You'll be surrounded by like-minded people that will help to support and encourage you along your path of discovery. No judgments, just acceptance.  



Each month you will explore how to use the power of nature and the energies that surround you to 
Manifest and Live your Most Magickal Life.

The Circle is for you if....

You are feeling a bit isolated and would like a safe and friendly group of like-minded people to learn and grow in your magickal and intuitive abilities. Your circle family members are fun, friendly, and passionate about their craft as well!

You are looking for mentors and peers to learn from and grow with. Not only will you have me with my 30+ years of experience, you'll have other circle members of many different paths to learn from too! We are modern spiritualist and witches of all different backgrounds ready to cheer you on and support your personal growth.

You have tons of books and Pintrest saves but have no idea where or how to start. Having a lot of information isn't much good if it only confuses and stalls you in your practice and growth. The circle will help you to develop and maintain a healthy, real, and manageable magickal practice. No crazy or expensive tools needed! 

You'd like a bit of structure because life can get busy! Being a member of the circle allows you to hold space on a monthly basis with your circle family which turns your practice into a consistent one. 

This is when the magick really happens!

You want to have a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides. The ability to access your guides grows as your practice flows into consistency when you dedicated time and space to connecting with them.

What you enjoy when you join...

  • LIVE Monthly Witches with Wine (or water) Gatherings 

  • Witchy and Intuitive Development Classes 

  • Spell of the Month

  • Readings for Members Only 

  • Access to an ah-mazing Members Only group

  • Monthly Guided Meditation

  • Monthly Card Spread

  • Information and Guidance to help you tune

    into the energies that surround you.

  • Information and Instruction on connecting 

    with your intuition.


A Meditation Vault Bonus 

Meditation 30 Day Program
Spell Vault
Book Vault
Planner Vault
Past Classes Vault

You are also included in the exclusive membership casts offered by Witchful Ways each month automatically!

Plus You'll Receive Access to Some Great Extras!

A Collection of Spells 

A Traditional Witchcraft 101 comprehensive course FREE

Video Trainings that are Essential to your practice

Meditation Practice Program FREE

The Circle is a place to meet for witches of all practices!

We hold the following to be guidance for living a fulfilling spiritual life:

  • Each member remains responsible for their actions and energy while working with the circle.
  • We acknowledge and understand that we all have different backgrounds and experiences. Discrimination is not tolerated within the circle.

The Circle is:

  • A circle where you have a guide on your path, are given a road map, exercises, prompts, rituals, meditations, and community.
  • A safe space where we work to make our lives as ah-mazing and magickal as they can be. Where you are working with the energies of self responsibility, self love, care, and healing within a group of supportive people to cheer you on in both the magickal and mundane tasks of daily life.

What the Circle is NOT:

  • A strict circle where there is only one tradition, path, or "right way".  Eclectic witchery is welcome!!

No expensive tools or ingredients are needed to practice witchcraft at it's most powerful. Being a woo woo woman is a choice made to learn to connect and resonate with your surroundings and energies.  

Men and Women of all backgrounds and locations are welcome!!

When you're ready to practice modern magick, intuitive growth, and spirituality in a fun inclusive community....we are ready to welcome you!!