Useful Information

Here is some useful information that I think will help you to get the best experience from my items and from my website.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me through the Contact page.  I am always happy to help in any way I can.

1. SAVING YOUR PURCHASE INFO - It's always a good idea to save or print the photo and description of any items you claim from my website for future reference so that you will always remember what kind of magick is infused within your item.

Do this as soon as you have made your purchase because once I replace the item you have bought with a new item, the photo and exact information for your magickal or spirited item will be gone forever

2. CHANGING SPELLS / VESSELS -  If you see a piece of jewelry that you love, but its spell infusion isn't relevant to you, just let me know and I can infuse the item with a different spell for you at no extra charge.  It will delay the shipping of your item for up to three days however.

Likewise, if you see a kind of spell that you need, but you aren't drawn to the jewelry vessel, just let me know and we can work to find an alternative vessel you prefer.

3. CARING FOR YOUR JEWELRY-  You will find varied types of metals, stones, and items.  You may find vessels of sterling silver, stainless steel, and alloy metals to name a few.  Please use care with each when wearing and cleaning.   

I recommend removing your jewelry items before swimming, bathing, showering, doing the dishes, or any activity that will get the item wet.

Sterling silver items are exempt from this advice.
As with all costume jewelry it is better to keep it dry to prevent the materials from weakening or tarnishing.

You can give your vessels a magickal energy boost by allowing them to sit in the light of the full moon once in a while or by using an energy recharging bag.

4. SPELL RESULTS / TIMESCALES - I often get asked if my spell work is guaranteed and the honest answer to that is no.

A spell caster can only use their knowledge, energy and gifts to perform the ritual - the rest is up to the powers that be.

The results and timescales of a spell are dependant on many different factors such as whether the outcome you seek is meant to be, and whether the timing is right etc.

Some spells work within a few hours, some take several weeks and some don't work at all.

Although magick is not guaranteed, we always offer a free re-cast after 90 days if you haven't seen results.

5. WEARING YOUR JEWELRY - Wearing multiple vessels  at the same time is just fine.  There will be a struggle of energies between any of my offerings.

The only time to reduce the number of vessels being worn is if you start to feel a bit overwhelmed, drained, dizzy, etc.

This can happen if you are sensitive to magickal energies and the effects will subside as you get used to the spell energies.

It is better not to allow other people to wear your magickal items for prolonged periods of time as their personal energy can interfere with your own connection to the vessel.

If someone handles / wears your vessel for longer than a few minutes its best to pass the vessel through some incense smoke to remove any lingering personal energies of that person.

You don't have to wear your vessel every single day to benefit from its magick, as long as you hold the vessel or wear it for a while every couple of weeks the connection will remain in place.

 Spirit Enchanced Casting: HOW IS IT DONE?

We have worked with so many amazing spirit companions in our spellcasts and summoning sessions through the years. In that time there have been several (okay, maybe hundreds) that have offered to help from “their side” by giving their energies to help enhancement of the spell's power and direction through vessel enhancement. There are a few, however, that I have worked with for years that have extreme magickal powers and offer amazing additional benefits to the casts. These beings will begin to be recognized in the listings of the magickals that they have helped create.

How is it done? An item is presented during ritual and a prearranged summoning of a being is conducted to allow them to step forward and join in the casts. They help to raise and enhance the energies that are being used for magickal intent. They will also “secure” the infusion of those energies onto the vessel presented. These assistants have many, sometimes thousands, of years of casting experience and therefore offer a uniqueness and power to the items that can not be obtained by any other means. They create extremely powerful and direct magickal energies. We have such types as spirits of family members that have passed (remember, my lineage goes back over 180 years) as well as others that were very magically inclined during their lives before passing. We also call upon other realms to help with specific energies.