Calling all witches who are just discovering the craft and those

that have been practicing their own kind of magick but are excited to learn more....

Witchful Ways presents

A FREE Witchcraft & Woo Woo Class Series

OCTOBER 25th - 30th

Witchcraft & Woo Woo Week. 

What is it?

There are so many wonderful ways to practice witchcraft. Beginners to the craft can get overwhelmed by all the choices and the conflicting information out there. If you did have questions, it can be hard to sift through everything to get the answers you need.

I offer witches an opportunity to stop the overwhelm and begin to actually practice their craft with no pressure or expectations. As a practicing witch for over 30 years who has mentored many witches over those years; my approach is non-dogmatic, down to earth, eclectic, and inclusive. My goal is to help you discover what works for you so that you can learn to live a magickal life each and every day.

Witchcraft & Woo Woo week includes five live calls and continued access to the replays covering the fundamentals of witchcraft.


Each day, over five days, we will dive into and explore the foundations and fundamentals of witchcraft on a live stream. 

See more info on each day below.

We're going to uncover some mysteries and bust some myths.

Each night for five nights we'll come together to learn about a foundation of witchcraft with information that you can plug into whatever belief system you hold.

Oct. 25th @ 8pm Central Time

We'll chat about what witchcraft is (and what it isn't) and when should you decide to call yourself a witch. What kind of witches are there and what do they practice? All witches are Wiccan right?!?! 

We'll explore these along with other myths and untruths so you have a good understand of what witchcraft and being a witch ACTUALLY is. 

Oct. 27th @ 8pm Central Time

We will explore the polarity of witchcraft and the subject of working with deities (if at all). 

Learn where the divine feminine and masculine have a place in your practice and how to balance these aspects in yourself for integration and magick making.

Oct. 28th @ 8pm Central Time

Have you seen all those cool witchy photos and wondered how you use those ingredients and tools? I’ll share with you what they’re used for and if you really need them in your practice. We’ll also discuss what and how witches celebrate through the year.

Oct. 29th @ 8pm Central Time

Witches love the moon! We will discuss how the moon affects our lives and magick and how we can work with it. 

An overview of spell crafting will be discussed as well.

Oct. 30th @ 8pm Central Time

Woot woot! This is one of my favorites. Here's where we get to explore working with your intuitive abilities and just how the heck you're supposed to work magick into your every day life. 

I'll also share with you how you can continue to work your magick effortlessly through the year along side other amazing witches who support your journey.