6 Month Reading
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6 Month Reading

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An in-depth, 6 card reading, looking at the month ahead, personal for you.

You at the Months Beginning
Personal Challenge
External Obstacle
Personal Growth
The Month's Energy/Theme
You at the Months End
This monthly reading will begin as a month starting the day after the reading is performed.

Example: If I'm completing your reading on the 13th of the month....your month for the reading will begin from the 14th through the next 30 days.

How can you do a reading if I'm not physically there? What I do is that when I get your order, I use your first and last name as a focal point while I gather information from my guides and spirit team, I then shuffle the cards and draw them as support to the information that has been presented by spirit. They are used for validation and/or clarification.

What if I don't like the outcome of my reading? Unfortunately, any type of divination is meant to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. This reading type is no exception and I can only tell you the interpretation, I can't make them appear in a certain order so you can have the reading you want.

Can I get a refund on my reading? The only way to get a refund on your reading is to contact me before you receive your reading. You can not receive a refund on readings that have already been performed and emailed to you.

What is the time frame on receiving a reading? You will receive your reading within 48 business hours of purchase. Please keep that in mind when purchasing your reading. If you purchase late on a Friday night, you most likely won't receive your reading until Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

 What will I get in the email? Your email will consist of an in-depth interpretation of the information received explained to you via an AUDIO FILE link, as well as an attached photo of the cards that were pulled for you. This includes any cards that happen to jump out while I intuitively shuffle for you.