7 Day Intense Candle Service
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7 Day Intense Candle Service

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Come To Me - Love, lust, passion, drawing, attraction, rekindling

Sweeten Up - sweetening, new love, relationship improvement, heart chakra healing, self love

Money Draw - Finances, business, increase, specific amounts expected,

Road Opener - Open pathways, doors, and roads to opportunities, prosperity, and blessings

Archangel - Protection, spiritual cleansing, guidance, spiritual healing, divine blessings

Peace & Clarity - Brings peace, ends arguments, clear communication, clears mental blockages

Uncrossing - Remove negativity, cleansing, refresh

Choose the type of candle you want in the options.

I’ll need your full name and intention for the service. One clear intention per service please. (For example: Draw a lover to me, Improve business and draw in clients, sweeten my love life, Remove blocks from my path, Bring me luck in all areas of life. etc... )

This service includes a prepared and blessed candle worked on by me and my spirits on your behalf for approximately 7 days (for the duration of the burn). You will receive a photo and a reading of the cast when it is complete.

There are no consultations, follow ups, additional candles added, jars, offerings, spiritual baths, included with this service. I recommend using your intuition when choosing the service you want. This is a great straight forward service for those you who just need a push in the right direction or ongoing work.

These candles are not available for purchase this is a service only! Services begin within 24 hours of your purchase of them.