Spirited Abalone in Sterling for Connection and Messages
Spirited Abalone in Sterling for Connection and Messages
Spirited Abalone in Sterling for Connection and Messages
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Spirited Abalone in Sterling for Connection and Messages

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A stunning white light with glittering pink sparkles appears and from it emerges a beautiful woman with a long flowing dress. Her hair is shoulder length and silver to show the wisdom of her years, but her appearance is youthful and bright.  The perfect combination of life and vitality with wisdom and experience. She wears a flower headpiece of daisies which brings about a slight floral scent that follows her. Her eyes are a pale green but still somehow very bright. Her smile is soft and gentle.


B***** comes to encourage you and help you to open up your psychic abilities. They are there just under the surface. She helps you to understand the connection you have to spirit and how you receive your information as well as allowing you to develop your personal and unique universal language. Your universal language is what helps you to understand what spirit is saying! Without the understanding of that, you simply can't fully develop or comprehend what your guides, angels, and passed loved ones are sending your way.


Signs will appear and their meaning will become more obvious to you as you learn to recognize and acknowledge them. You'll find that your doubt of the 'truth' of your interpretations begins to subside as you step fully into trusting your psychic abilities. Discovery is the hardest part....after you've stepped into belief and understanding of your language, the rest simply just flows!


A stunning vintage Abalone and Sterling Silver brooch. 

When you're feeling a bit disconnected, there may be an effort that is working against you to create that feeling.

That effort may be an external force or something that is being created from within. Either way, this piece is offering the energies to bring you back into alignment with your higher self and bring back forward motion and connection to you.

A wonderful piece when you're working to connect with Spirit and Angels as it opens up the doorway to realms with it's elevation in your personal vibration. (which is what being in alignment is right?!?!)

Ease and Flow come to you in your daily life and in your magickal endeavors. 

Messages flow more effortlessly from your guides, angles, and spirit family.

The connection to ALL begins to become a bit clearer to you in thought and feelings.