Aitvaras Brooch
Aitvaras Brooch
Aitvaras Brooch
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Aitvaras Brooch

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A wonderful Vintage copper and green tribal face brooch.

This piece has processed through my personal three month ritual for imbuing the essence of spirit to it. This item is NOT a spirited vessel, but a magickal talisman that carries with it the lent essence of the contacted spirit's energies, skills, and abilities.

This piece carries the essence of Mari, a female Aitvaras.  

The Aitvaras traditionally serves as a family guardian. They are powerful spirits with dominion over wealth and relationships who bring happiness, good fortune, and abundance to those they love, often quietly and anonymously. However, if angry or offended, the Aitvaras causes fires and disasters. The Aitvaras lives in forests or celestial realms. An Aitvaras attached to a family can be sent to steal from other people. The Aitvaras was traditionally sent to raid barns or granaries but can theoretically retrieve anything.  

Manifestations or signs you may encounter when you've employed this piece:

The Aitvaras may appear as a golden rooster; a large fire-breathing dragon; a small grass snake with a long tail, which emits light as he flies through the air (yes, a flying snake); a huge snake with a flaming head; or a snake formed entirely of fire.

Those that like fire scrying will often times be shown messages within it from the Aitvaras. 

Your financial abundance will bloom and be protected always.