Amethyst Slice Necklace
Amethyst Slice Necklace
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Amethyst Slice Necklace

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A gorgeous Amethyst slice necklace! 

This is one that was worn throughout the Sister Circle Retreat and each of it's circle gathering casts to imbue it with intense energies for PERSONAL POWER and MANIFESTATION.

Personal power is a must in your life and when working your craft. You simply must have the self confidence to know that you are powerful and that your choices and actions have real impact on those around you and the universal flow itself. This piece brings you that power each time you wear it. Even though you may still feel a bit apprehensive or under-knowledged, but rest assured that this piece lends to you and the 'vibes' you're sending out it's powerful energies to boost all that you are and are working towards.

Manifestation energies are also in place within this piece as it works quite well with the energies of the personal power spell sets. Manifestation energies pull to you and/or align you with exactly what universe sees you are requesting.

An excellent piece for every day or to reserve for your magickal workings!