Amethyst with Flower of Life necklace
Amethyst with Flower of Life necklace
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Amethyst with Flower of Life necklace

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A beautiful Amethyst stone with the Flower of Life symbol upon it.

This pretty magickal has processed through five nights of casts within the sister circle rituals.

Imbued with wonderful GROUNDING energies to ensure that your personal energies remain balanced and in positive flow. Keeping your energies balanced and in positive flow direction will help to keep you on your life's purpose path.

It has also been worked to bring excellent energies to you to bring about CREATIVE skills and talents in your life.  This is excellent for those that work in the creative arts areas of life, but it is also great for those looking to expand their creative skills and talents. Maybe you suddenly have found that you love to write, this piece will bring about a new creative flow to that and help you to expand upon it. Maybe you're just looking to have a more creative view of situations and circumstances that can help to lead you to opportunities, solutions, and resolutions that will come from ideas and concepts not looked upon before.

A new connectedness will begin to occur to you with this magickal as well. Understanding how your actions, and actions of others, impact those that are not even close to you brings about new enlightenment into ways that you can adjust your own behaviors and ways of interacting with others so that there is less conflict and stress in your life.