Witchful Ways


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Meet Little Miss Annalise. She was a wandering soul for such a long time. She recently chose a vessel for herself and is now ready to see where the next step brings her. Annalise is NOT bound to her vessel. She chose this for herself. I will not sell/rehome enslaved spirits.
Annalise was born in 1890, just outside of Memphis Tennessee. She had a very happy 6 years of life. Her dad and mom both ran a small hotel. The family lived in a house directly behind the hotel. There was a small pond within eyesight of the home, as well as a very large willow tree with a tire swing.
Annalise died in late 1896 along with her parents when their home behind the hotel started on fire. She says she has memories of laying in a hotel bed, a doctor by her side. But that memory quickly changes to her standing next to the bed, the doctor at her side. She said it was all very confusing. She said the doctor would call her name, but he couldn't hear her answer him, even if she yelled. The doctor kept addressing this person in the bed as Annalise, but how could it be? She was right here, not in the bed. So she got scared and ran to get her parents only to realize they were not anywhere either, nor was their home.
Annalise stayed with the hotel until it closed in the early 1930s waiting for her parents to return. She then wandered from place to place for nearly 90 years. She has been with many families, in many places. So many in fact, she lost track. She has even used different vessels without realizing it. Apparently hopping from a stuffed animal to knickknacks, to just hanging out and free-floating. But moving from place to place was getting old. That's when she came across a beautiful soul who said she could help her. So for the first time in over 120 years, little Miss Annalise was finally heard and acknowledged.
Annalise was told she could move on but she adamantly states she wants to stay earthbound. So here she stays. She strongly attached herself to her new friend but is now ready for another strong bond. So she has come to me now.
Annalise is a very loving little girl and she wants a home where she is recognized as part of a family. She has shown great interest in other children, pets, and cooking. She aches to taste sweets once again but satisfies this urge by helping bake for others. If you love to cook, you have found a great little helper. Get used to feeling tiny hands pulling on your hem or pant leg. On a beautiful day, she will play outside and you will hear her laughter.
Until you both learn each other's communicating styles, a pendulum would be a great tool for the job.
Annalise does not want to move around any longer. She wants a home that is forever, or as long as forever means to her new owner. So please, if you are interested in adopting her, please only do so if you are ok with having a young one around for life.