Balance and Flow
Balance and Flow
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Balance and Flow

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A stunning vintage brooch that has been worked though personal rituals.

Sometimes we don't realize that the complications and hiccups in life are stemming from being out of balance in one way or another. Even when we finally realize this, it may be quite difficult to figure out where exactly we're out of wack and how to begin to fix it.

When this Vintage Coro brooch piece presented itself with it's dark blue color, the energy of it was undeniable. 

Allowing ourselves to be in balance in our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energetic bodies creates an ease and flow that facilitates a life of happiness and tranquility....if not at the very least one of very little hardship and tragedy. 

Resolve that you are the co-creator of your reality and understand that a little magickal balance supplement encourages health just as vitamins do to your physical body.