Balance and Securing the Future ring
Balance and Securing the Future ring
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Balance and Securing the Future ring

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A vintage Avon ring that is offered from a working magickal collection. This fits a size 6 to 7 with the spring insert that these rings are famous for.

This piece is all about finding BALANCE and SECURING THE FUTURE.

Balance spell energies bring all areas of life back into balance for you. You can't have up without down or left without right just as you can't have work without play or laughter without crying.  The balance of work to home to play. The balance of your physical, mental, and emotional systems. The balance of the energetic body. All of these things are part of bringing your total life into balance to allow yourself to life a smoother, less stressful life. When things are in balance, everything else seems to fall into place. There is no struggle in any one area so all areas of your life benefit!

Securing the Future spell energies allow for the foundation of your future to be solid and balanced. When you have a solid foundation the rest of the building upon comes easier. Laying the best foundation and keeping that secure as you progress through life is essential and this magickal will help with that.