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Benjamin tells us he was a happy boy in his short 8 years on earth. He sadly was taken way to soon by the Spanish Flu in 1919. Benjamin was a only child who lived on a farm somewhere outside of Boston.
Benjamin passed quickly from pneumonia and high fever after he got sick. Both his parents, and his dads mom, who was living with the family too, also died with in days of Benjamin.
Benjamin has never left this realm. He tells us that he knows he was suppose to go, but he was scared and didn't want to leave his parents side. Once his parents were gone, he attached himself to his favorite toy, his teddy bear. After his teddy bear was lost in a fire he chose the vessel he is currently in.
We have tried to coax him to move on, but he is content being here, completely mesmerized by and sometimes mischievous with todays electronics. He absolutely loves music, the television, cameras, cell phones and lights of all kinds. He likes to make things go up, down, on, off, and even photo bomb your photos with orbs, blurbs and glitches. If you have kids, he will play with they their toys, specially, you guessed it, the electric ones. I have heard his laughter, and felt his little hands in mine. He strongly attaches to the main person in the home. Seeing the last pandemic was obviously traumatic for this young soul, his activity has become way more frequent due to the worlds current situation. Benjamin is also a very protective soul and will always try to steer you away from what he feels is unsafe.
Benjamin is ready for his forever home. He is easy to communicate with using Spirit Box and EMF reader.
HIs vessel is approximately 8 inches tall.
He arrives with a chime candle inscribed and imbued by me for connection to him. 
(Benjamin's price includes additional charge for shipping due to weight)