BIG All Things Witch Bundle PDF Download
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BIG All Things Witch Bundle PDF Download

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A PDF download that brings you 250 pages of witchy delight.
ALL the info, tips, and tricks that you will need to begin (or continue) your path.

What You'll Get....

This bundle is great whether you're a beginner witch or you've walked many moons along the path.

This bundle includes 250 pages of popular witchcraft guides.

These guides are perfect for your personal witch book.

Print them out or add them to your digital records.  

These are Digital Designs. You WILL NOT receive any physical items.

 You receive 250 pages as a PDF file.    

The pages include the following topics:  

 13 goals of a witch
 The Sabbats
 The Esbats
 Overview of witchcraft
 Types of witches and how they practice
 Altars and altar setup
 Common witchcraft tools
 Common witchcraft symbols
 Calling the quarters
 Days of the week correspondences
 Witch's ladders
 Black salt
 Moon water
 Spellcrafting overview
 Spell timing
 Casting a circle
 Charm bags
 Witch bottles
 Spell record form
 Essential oils
 Astral projection
 Shadow work
 Moon phases
 The elements
 Spirit guides
 Animal guides
 Candle magic
 Cover pages
 Notes pages  

Also included for those following the Wiccan path:
 Wicca overview page
 Principles of Wiccan belief
 Wiccan Rede
 Goddess & the God  

You'll also receive a book download that has ALL the spells you could ever need.
1001 to be exact.

*This file will be available to you immediately after purchase as a Digital PDF