BIXTON with Bell
BIXTON with Bell
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BIXTON with Bell

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Bixton / Gnome - He is a typical gnome, with his little red pointy hat, and yellow jumper. His passions, outside helping you, are putzing around in the garden, taking care of wildlife, plants, insects, and taking a ride or two on the neighborhood feathered friends. He would love to be in a home where his new owners share the same love of gardens as he. But if you're a city dweller, he has no problem visiting local parks to help the wildlife there and attending to any house plants you may have.
Bixton has strong healing magick and will do everything in his power to keep you healthy. If you are ever unfortunate enough to contract any illness it should be short-lived when he is around. He also heals minds, hearts, as well as bodies. If you suffer from any kind of mental illness, depression, anxiety, grief, he will help you to work through it, no matter what course the help takes, professional and/or spiritual. He's especially tender when it comes to matters of the heart, and grief. He will leave you little signs to show just how much you mean to him and others around you. He will help bring back the magick into your life, even if it's been gone for a long time. Once you open up and let the magick in, everything else seems to fall into place.
These little antique brass bells were acquired through one of my witch's estates. Each one is enchanted as well as a vessel to a wonderful nature companion. These magickal beings have been working together as a group for over 30 years. Over the years they have learned an abundance magick from one another and have now grown quite strong as individuals. They have indicated to me that the time has come, if the universe so chooses, to go their separate ways so they can help more people with their love and kindness.

Each bell carries with it attributes of all the spirits together, and of course their own special powers as well. I will go over what abilities every bell has, and then the special abilities associated with each individual woodland being, along with names and personalities.

These special bells are also connected to your spirit as well as enchanted (see below). So if you want to tell them good morning, thank you, I need help, carry these wishes for me, etc... just give it a little jingle, and your companion will be right by your side giving all of his or her attention to you.

Each little being attached to these beautiful little bells has been such a pleasure to work with. So fun-loving, caring, and helpful. I hope that you find them every bit as enchanting as I have and welcome them into your home with open hearts and wonderous eyes.

Enchantments of each bell:
Attracting Prosperity
Improving Health and Healing
Empowering Growth & Advancement
Drawing Good Luck & Good Fortune
Cleansing & Balancing
Helping to Manifest Positive Outcomes