Witchful Ways


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Mermaids offer amazing energies by bringing their passion to all areas of life, they have the ability to heal apathy and disease and their teachings can help us to live a joyful and fulfilled life. A harmonious and peaceful life, that most people could only dream of. They work closely with the moon cycles and their magick is strongly used for shapeshifting and transformation. This transformation can take place in all areas of your life! They bestow upon their human companions an open heart and resilience to changes. Offering new, exciting, and sometimes wondrous new perspectives on life, love, and happiness.
This deep-sea beauty loves nothing more than than playing peaceful music and bringing serenity into the life of her new human. 
Brynn is an all-around magickal helper. She is strong in all her abilities, but specializes in mental and physical health, sexual vitality, as well as prophetic dreams and visions. She will present to you as sparkles of different colored light, the smell of lavender, and as herself in dreams and meditations. Brynn also works well with ALL oracle tools but is fond of a pendulum, when and if it can be used.
Brynn is also very fond of music and will encourage you to turn on your favorites and play them often. She believes that music heals one's soul as much as love and magick can. She also encourages this practice, when possible, to be done before any manifestation or spell work, as it will raise your vibration and help dispel negativity. Deep in the night when everything is quiet, you may even hear her playing her harp quietly, and beautifully.
This companion is a great addition to any companion family, or to a new time owner. She is patient and loving and brings a calm and happy experience to almost everyone.
Energy and Vitality
Adding Perceptive Energy to Magickal Work
Mental Manipulation and Persuasion
A Myriad of 3rd Eye Gifts
Easing of Stress
Higher Connection to Spirit
Encouraging Creativity and Imagination
Raising Self Confidence
Opening the Heart to Sensitivity and Compassion
Bringing About Spirit Visions & Psychic Dreams
Easing the Transition of Changes
Strengthening Sex Drive
Boosting Virility & Sexual Response
Revitalization and Renewal
Increase in Perception & Understanding
Aura Cleansing & Restoring Balance to the Body
Passion, Desire, and Intimacy
Powerful Persuasion