Candle or Cone Snuffer
Candle or Cone Snuffer
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Candle or Cone Snuffer

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This is a great item for an altar or anywhere for display! 

This is a metal candle snuffer with a wonderful pine tree design. 

Cast upon for attracting prosperity, purifying ritual areas and new homes, and helping "stay the course" during difficult times. These wonderful energies will fill your space regardless of how / if you use it as a snuffer. 

Use it as a simple candle snuffer or as an incense snuffer! If you're using an incense cone or a small pile of self lighting or loose incense you can place the snuffer over the top to bring the end to the burn. This is sometimes done with incense when you're working a spell that is over a few days time where you'd like to reuse a created incense or sometimes just when you're incense becomes too powerfully scented and you need to reduce it.

This item was cast within the 3 circle retreat of 2020 bringing it amazing energies ready for use in your life, practice, and home.