Candle Set for Matters of the Heart
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Candle Set for Matters of the Heart

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This votive set was created and imbued with energies to support your in matters of the heart. You are opening your heart up to resolution of past hurts and regrets to allow them to be removed from you. You are opening up to new love possibilities and strengthening of love that already exists. You are opening your heart to moving forward in pure enjoyment and joy of the feelings and emotions of love.

My enchanted candles bring a spark of magick into your life with the lighting of the flame. You only need choose the time that works best for you to begin the magickal release.  

Set of 2 candles to be burned on the New/Full moons. 

Burn the first on the Full moon and the second on the following New moon or the other way around...whichever moon phase is first doesn't matter. 

These are unscented candles although they may carry some scent of the herbs and/or anointing oils used during creation.