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READINGS ARE AVAILABLE TO THE SISTER CIRCLE MEMBERS ONLY AT THIS TIME.  If you purchase this reading and are not a member, you will be refunded.

Get info on membership by clicking HERE. 

When you just need a dose of insight and a little magickal support, this reading is for you!

I will choose the appropriate deck and full card spread for your situation and then perform a reading that will offer insight and guidance in your situation. After the reading is complete, I will prepare and dress a candle and create a petition for you to be burned on my altar to address any needs discovered in your reading.

Your reading will be delivered to your FB messenger or email as an audio file link that you can listen to and download at your leisure. 


❗️After purchasing your reading you'll need to provide me with a few details: your full name and best email address to send your reading to along with any certain situation or area of interest that you would like the reading to focus on. (SEE NOTES AT THE BOTTOM).


I only offer a limited number of these each week depending on my schedule, so be sure to grab your spot when you see it open up for the week!


🔮About My Readings🔮

I am an intuitive reader with 30+ years experience. My goal with my readings is to give you helpful guidance and actionable advice so you can make changes and forward steps on your journey. My readings are often delivered with tough love and matter-of-fact language - no sugar coatings here!

Nothing is set in stone so the outcome of a reading truly demands on you, your actions, and how you use the information from the reading itself. In your reading you’ll hear what Spirit and your guides need you to hear, not what you want to hear. Be open to what you receive and remember that when you do things differently you will see a different outcome.



- I do not read for anyone under the age of 18.

- I do not do predictive card readings (aka "predicting the future")

- I do not do readings about other people (i.e. what's going on with your kids/friend/partner). The reading will be focused on you.

- My readings are focused on giving you action steps and guidance for you to use to manifest your desired outcome. I do not tell you what will happen to you, I do not tell you what you have to do. At the end of the day it is your choice how you choose to act (or not act) on the information and guidance I provide.

- I will ask you for information about your situation and what you want from your reading. I'm not a mind reader.

- Turn around time for my readings is approximately 2 - 3 business days (Monday - Friday).