Charmed Key Chain - Blue skulls with Labradorite
Charmed Key Chain - Blue skulls with Labradorite
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Charmed Key Chain - Blue skulls with Labradorite

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These key chain charms are enchanted with energies of PROTECTION and CONNECTION TO GUIDES to watch over your bodies, self, and life. They allow your guides and angels to step in when needed to assist you for safety concerns and to offer more obvious signs to you. 

Safety not only from physical harm, but in health ways as well. Keeping your three bodies in alignment and therefore allowing energies to flow freely to and through you. 

Some choose to use them as keychains, others hang them somewhere, carry them in purses or pockets, place in the glove box of the car or hang it from something in the car itself. One person even removed the keyring and uses it as a pendant!


They are each hand made by me during ritual and then blessed for three days upon my altar to enrich the depth and precision of the magickal energies held within. No two are alike, but they are all amazingly powerful and special.

Each will contain at least one gemstone bead to act as 'the heart' of the magick along with other amazing beads and bling. 

You may take this charm into your hand and request of it what you'd like. 

Example: "Bring me safely to my destination", "Let there be no issues getting to or at my interview today", "Keep all traffic flowing so I get to my destination safe and on time", "Keep others from gossiping about me", "Let my mind be free of the regret I think about", "Keep me free from any disease or illness", or any other protection-type requests you may have. 

You may also ask your guides and / or angels to give you answers and signs to your inquiries. Then take your charm into your hand (I like to hang it from my middle finger into my palm) and ask what it is that you'd like to know or request that sign. Be gentle with yourself as you await the answer that will come usually within 24 hours.