Cleansing and Protection Doll - Garhanson
Cleansing and Protection Doll - Garhanson
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Cleansing and Protection Doll - Garhanson

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Cleansing and Protection

Male Energy
Name: Gar-han-son (spelled for sound)

CLEANSING and PROTECTION spirit dolls work great for clearing out negative! Whether that negativity originates from a physical, mental, or emotional source, it will be removed and fresh positive energy flow will replace it. Excellent to carry with you or keep in your space when you feel there is someone or something working against you in any way.

The charm pendant worn by your doll has processed through my personal rituals to imbue it with amazing energies to bring RESPECT and POSITIVE ACKNOWLEDGMENT to you as well.

Your doll arrives to you with a candle and incense to burn to connect with her amazing energy.

About my Spirit Dolls:

My yarn spirit dolls are handmade. Each one is unique and carries within it energies for the specific intention they were created for. Each one is blessed and anointed with appropriate oils.

Each also has a charm that has processed through my ritual spell casts to allow it to be imbued with energies that support the doll's magickal endeavor.

My dolls are created to bring to you the most inspiring way to allow your desires, wants, and needs to come to you as well as to support you through situations and circumstances of life through.

The doll is never “just” a doll—it is a vehicle of pure potential. When I create a poppet or I am riding the network of creation. Although a poppet can represent a specific person, poppets also can be used to access a plethora of energies—from information gathering, clarity, healing, compassion, courage, and overcoming obstacles to attracting prosperity and much more. They can represent the spirit of an inanimate object, such as a house, a car, or a piece of property. They can also be associated with nature, your garden, or your pets.

Your doll becomes the bond (the marriage) of the magickal and the physical realms.

My dolls are created to connect the essence of spirit, with which the user communicates his or her desires. This will summon and work within universal energies towards your needs, wants, and desires.

These dolls are made for specific purposes such as: to bring love, money, luck, success, power, attraction, sex, wisdom, protection from other spells, to remove jinxes or to exorcise a person from your life forever. Because my dolls are manifestations of energy, they must be treated with care and handled with respect.