Money Tray
Money Tray
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Money Tray

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This is exactly what you first thought of...a vintage coin ashtray. But we, as witches recognize that there is almost always more to a unique piece like this when we see it! ;) 

This piece comes from a crone with collection in which this piece was used in several ways.

It was used as an incense burner for financial spells by placing sand in the center and a cone upon it or sticks in the 'butt holder' part.

It was used as a manifesting tray for financial success by placing coins into the center and allowing the energies imbued through years of casts to work their magick in financial aspects and areas.

It was used as a charging tray for financial, money, and luck spelled items as the energies of the tray cleanse and then enhance the properties of any other magickal item's financial aspect energies.

It was placed in a business as 'decor' but was really there to pull financial abundance and customers into the space. 

A pretty, unique, and fun conversation piece for any witch's collection.