Community Money Cast - August 13th
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Community Money Cast - August 13th

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I'm happy to offer community candle magick casts. I've found that offering a working as a community lends more strength to the ritual because more people are focused on the intention which benefits all involved. This additional energy is added to my already intense spell cast which brings about swift energy direction and manifestations.

 This spell will work to bring financial abundance in the form of spendable cash as well as working to remove obstacles, thought patterns, and behaviors that are sabotaging financial flow to you.  Open up the roadblocks that are keeping you from forward financial movement.

During ritual, your petition will be prepared and placed with your name and proper symbols for the spell and will then be anointed with the oils and herbs needed to support the requested work. Each petition will be placed around the prepared ritual candle upon the altar before lighting. A petition will be read as it is placed and then burned from the central candle at the end of the ritual.  Finally, the spell will be released with the assistance of my guides and spirits as I receive the channeled message(s) for those that participated.

You will receive an email within 24 hours of the cast completion with information regarding the cast and the 'action phrase' that you can use for the remainder of the cycle within your own workings, mediations, or visualizations.  

I take my magickal workings very seriously and give my full effort into each and every cast.  

This cast does NOT include email or message consultation or follow up. 

~NOTES~ When you purchase this service please include your name (if different than what is sent over with payment) in the notes to seller area. 

This picture shown is the beginning of the set up for the spell and my personal lineage rituals will be used along with additional spell blends of oils and herbs as well as crystals and sounds during  the ritual cast.
This will be a community candle with individual petitions.

Please keep in mind that magick is not intended as a quick fix in most situations and you will need to allow time for the universal flow to align things in order for full financial abundance to flow to you although many see results within days