Witch Worrier - Lapis Bead with Pentacle
Witch Worrier - Lapis Bead with Pentacle
Witch Worrier - Lapis Bead with Pentacle
Witch Worrier - Lapis Bead with Pentacle
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Witch Worrier - Lapis Bead with Pentacle

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Okay, so even as witches we often times find ourselves in the daily overthinking process. Yep, we know better, but we still do it~!

Did I use the right ingredients?

Did I say the right words?

Did I make my sigil right?

Was that a sign?

Was that the feeling of astral travel and I freaked out?

When will it manifest?

Ugh....and so many more things that we have to worry about in the mundane life on top of that!! Kids, spouses, pets, laundry, grocery shopping, and schoolwork just to name a FEW. Whew!!

My Witch Worriers are created with intention right from the start. Worked through my personal creation rituals and imbued through personal casts to bring you a wonderful tool to use in your daily life.

When that worry starts to take over....just take it into your hand and twirl the beads, or run your fingers over it, or put it on your finger and twirl it!  However you decide to activate it with motion and touch, the magickal energies soon seep into your energetic body relieving the stress and anxiety surrounding the thoughts you're having. A calm, tranquil, controlled energy brings you back into the moment and allows you clarity in what your next steps are.

Now....here's the great thing with these. You can use them to help to PLAN as well! Yep...just do the motion and touch thing and let your mind open to the next step for you. Maybe that's the words to a spell or ingredient to use. Maybe it's how to go about creating your next sigil. Maybe it's about the movement. Maybe it's that you simply need motivation to get your boo-tay moving!

Whatever it is from the magickal to the mundane.this witch worrier will take you from confused to clarity. 

Oh, one more secret about it.....you don't even have to be a witch to benefit from it's magick! ;)