Creative Depths and Connection
Creative Depths and Connection
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Creative Depths and Connection

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A wonderful set from a working magickal collection. This is a stretch style bracelet and lightweight necklace comes as a set which has manifested great support in it's previous witch owner's life. 

When you're in need of a bit of creative outlet or when you feel that you sometimes just can't seem to connect with the song of nature and life, this is a wonderful piece to employ. If you are a creative talent, this piece will support your talent and push it even farther into the depths of creativity. 

A wonderful multi-use magickal to allow you to bring magick into your every day.

Again, this is a witch's preowned collection item so there are many years of magickal intent stored within the piece.  You may choose to re-string the stretch bracelet at any time without loss of any magickal intent.