Dark Dragon Individual Companion Conjure Request
Witchful Ways

Dark Dragon Individual Companion Conjure Request

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Dark Dragons will offer total protection from deceit and dismay. They pull the negative energies from the body, mind, and physical space of their human companions. They will reverse low vibrations, negativity, and deception, and malicious intent that is sent your way. They will run off any person or being that is being deceptive to you on any terms. They will alert you when a loved one is attempting to deceive you as well. How they deal with those that are causing you harm and adverse reaction is not our business I am told. "They are dealt with in our own way to assure that it is resolved beyond return" is their words. 
  • Protection
  • Balancing & Aligning the Aura
  • Bringing Good Luck
  • Wish Manifestation Magick
  • Calming Tense Situations
  • Helping to Overcome Anxiety and Stress
  • Offering a Soothing, Grounding Energy
  • Sharing Symbololgy and Omens
  • Powerful Protection
  • Magical Projection and Targeting
  • Extension of Awareness
  • Remote Viewing
  • Energetic Regeneration and Rejuvenation
  • Revenge Magick
  • Undermining and Binding of Enemy Efforts
  • Erosion of a Target’s Concentration, Discipline, and Motivation 



With years of professional experience, I am here to connect you to your spirit companion. Using your energetic identity I will bring about a companion that will be in harmony with your own vibrations, personality, and life style.

Once I have the perfect match for you, I will perform a distant binding to you directly or an item that you own to use as a vessel such as a jewelry or statue item. This deep bond will allow you to call on your companion with ease in the future.

You will receive an email with your Companion's description and name. 

I will also set into the mail a focus bead vessel with a black cord necklace that you can choose to use if you'd like. Your companion will be available to you to call upon receipt of your email and before this focus vessel arrives to you.