DHARA Companion
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DHARA Companion

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This unique companion was grown directly from the energies of the earth. She comes with several abilities that can help you in your everyday life and make things easier and flow much smoother. 
She is known as a shapeshifter and she can morph into just about anything that is planted in the earth in some way. This includes plants in pots as well. She draws all her energy directly from the earth, energy you can harness and use in your workings. Her energies are endless. Here are just some things she can do with her earth energies: help power up wooden wands, help with herbal teas, lend a hand in the garden, help with any potions involving anything that once grew, powering up and understanding crystals, being more one with mother earth, and so much more. Summer or winter, Dhara prefers to be outside, but will always come inside with you when you are ready to work. 
Work with, and use your imagination with this companion. Again, the possibilities are endless when it comes to anything "Earth" related. Have fun!

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