Ease, Flow, Success, Progress, and Luck
Ease, Flow, Success, Progress, and Luck
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Ease, Flow, Success, Progress, and Luck

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This pretty vintage pearl and onyx bead bracelet is ready for its new owner. It has completed it’s individual and coven casts to bring you exciting energies.

Picture the perfect warm weather day. You cool off as you float on a tube down a river of calm waters. Everything is tranquil, everything is perfect. You take a sip of your favorite cool beverage and lean your head back to gaze at the clouds passing by. No worries. No fears. No anxiety. No stress. You are able to simply enjoy the moment in every way. Your feet dangle into the waters and you feel connected to the nature that surrounds you. You are in pure bliss with not a care in the world. You are able to completely enjoy the moment in the here and now.

THAT is the feeling that this amazing magickal will bring your way.  When you are ‘in the flow’ on universal energies you are always on a forward, positive, and rewarding ride!  You’ll find that you’re able to remove the anxiety and stress from situations and find a calm centering energy to push you through “rough waters”. You will notice that your fears about failure and self doubt are replaced with confidence and security in knowing your strengths and personal power.

You will be able to decompress quickly from situations and come back to the ability to enjoy the moment that you’re in. Smile at the simple things, laugh without being self conscious about your happiness or yourself in general.

There will be forward progress in all of your areas of life. Just as the river’s current runs smooth, your universal energy flow will have you riding through life with delight!

There is always a bit of luck behind the success....this piece will always have luck in your corner.