Eleazar Phoenix with spelled vessel
Eleazar Phoenix with spelled vessel
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Eleazar Phoenix with spelled vessel

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This beautiful Phoenix companion has asked for a fancy vessel to reside in. She is a beautiful soul, full of life and hope. She is excited to find her human and start her adventure in changing someone's life.
This sensitive loving companion wants nothing more than to help make your life as pleasurable as possible. Her kind is known for the rebirth of lives, ideas, and hopes. He will help change your life, even if that means starting over.
Eleazar will present to you as flashes of light and movement, typically out of the corner of your eye. He has a distinct smell of exotic incense which is reminiscent of her Egyptian birth. She is wonderful at leaving signs to guide you, along with coming to you in dreams and meditations with answers and glimpses of what's to come. She will also carry you into the astral realm once full trust is established between you two.
Eleazar is strong in all Phoenix abilities and doesn't specialize in any one ability. She will work with oracle tools as well. This will help bring answers to urgent questions that may be pressing. She will also add boosts to both manifestation and spell work.
Abilities of a Phoenix:
Wisdom & Guidance
Increase in Perception & Understanding
Aura Cleansing
Removal of Negative Energy
Healing & Overall Good Health
Renewal and Regeneration
Increased Mental Faculties
Increased Third Eye Perception
The Easing of Grief
Easier Transition to the Astral Realm
Lucid & Prophetic Dreaming

She comes to you with an amazing enchanted Vintage vessel of a bird with feathers brooch.

This vessel carries spell energies for REBIRTH, RENEWAL, and PERSONAL PURPOSE ALIGNMENT.