Enchanted Love Spell Box
Enchanted Love Spell Box
Enchanted Love Spell Box
Enchanted Love Spell Box
Enchanted Love Spell Box
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Enchanted Love Spell Box

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This wonderful, pretty, and sparkly metal heart box has been kept as a love spell box for many years. I have processed it through six cycles of personal rituals as well to enhance and direct it's energies even further.


Love spell boxes allow you to place inside of the heart anything that you desire regarding love and matters of the heart for the universal flow to begin it's journey to you and to align you to what it is that you desire.


Looking for a love mate? Simply place a description of the traits of the person you'd desire, a picture of a person you desire, or a taglock (item belonging to) of the person you desire to come into your life to love you.  It will NOT work against free will of any person, so you might not want to put your celebrity crush in there unless you know him / her personally. :) 

Looking to move your relationship to the next level? This is great for that as well! 


Want to move in together? Place a key charm or picture into the box! 


Want to go on vacation together? Place the location name or a picture of where you'd like to go in the box!


Want to make it more physical? More fun? Place pics, descriptions, or names of things or toys you'd like to involve. ;) 


Want to be sure he or she remains loyal? Place a wish inside stating just that!


Want to get married? Place a wedding ring, or a picture of your ideal engagement ring, or wedding dress inside!


Want to end an argument? Put a little sugar wrapped in tissue inside!


SO many uses for this little Love Heart Box!!


Please remember that this magickal can and will affect other people's perceptions and often times emotions, so use with care!