Fruit of Abundance
Fruit of Abundance
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Fruit of Abundance

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This cute vintage marcasite pear pin is known as "The fruit of abundance". Acquired through a magickal estate, and now passed through two lunar cycles, it's ready for its new home.
This cute little pear is imbued with a strong magickal spell known for bringing abundance through intuition and luck to its owner. You can't go wrong with a beautiful intuition and good luck charm in one.
Its charm helps bring about strong manifestations, gentle guidance, prophetic dreams, and visions. It is also known to bring on bouts of uncontrollable happiness. I won't say it can cure the blues, but it sure is one hell of a boost. This is such a wonderful little magickal, packed to the brim of loving energy and pure intent.
Carry this tool with you daily for new opportunities and luck to come your way. Sleep with it near you and open your mind to the gentle guidance and answers that will help you on your journey.