Full Moon Community Cast
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Full Moon Community Cast

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A Full Moon is an amazing time to choose to incorporate a little magick into your life. The full moon is full of magickal energies. I work within the full moon phase to allow for powerful changes for you in your life.

This service offering is for a community candle spell cast to be worked within the Full Moon phase to bring the best possible outcome for


  • Manifesting goals
  • Nurturing an Abundant Life
  • Finding Passion in Life and Love
  • Healing of mind, body, and spirit
  • Strength to overcome Obstacles
  • Personal power
  • Love (finding new and deepening what we have)
  • Esoteric Knowledge to Surface
  • Money come to me
  • Make Dreams a Reality (set seeds)
  • Protection
  • Increase messages through Divination
  • Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healing for serious conditions, can be helped along now as well.


Let's use this lunar energy to bring about all those wonderful things you've been dreaming of! This cast will help to manifest things of the material nature (the stuff you want like a new car) as well as offer new beginnings to help you along in your life choices, situations, and issues. Transformational times can be difficult and using a bit of magick to make things "settle down" and offer new ideas, relationships, and paths of opportunity is always a blessings. This time of the lunar cycle creates wealth and financial gains as well. Bringing you extra spendable cash or new customers for your hobby or business. This type of energy can also help to boost a relationship into the next level. I will also work to remove, reject, and banish that which is no longer serving your higher good. This is a wonderful opportunity for those that are in the attempts of creating wealth through job, career, or business endeavors. It is also a wonderful time to add some extra luck to your magickal life.

During ritual a central spell candle will be created and will then be dressed with the oils and herbs needed to support the requested work. A chime candle inscribed specifically for you will be blessed and placed upon the altar for lighting. A petition will be created for you and then your candle will be lit as the incantation is professed. The paper will then be burned from the central spell candle. Your candle will remain to burn out and will then be properly disposed of.

I take my magickal workings very seriously and give my full effort into each and every cast.

You may choose to take a few minutes to think about your personal desired outcome to your cast the evening of the full moon and for the following few days to send your personal energies out into the working. You don't HAVE to do this if you prefer not to.

This community cast does not include any consult or follow up. Please watch for the Full Moon completed post on my social media for confirmation of it's completion.

(Pic shown is a previous energy set setting that is done previous to any other ritual or cast performed)