Get To Steppin' Oil
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Get To Steppin' Oil

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Whether it’s a house guest whose worn out their welcome, a roommate with bad habits, a soon-to-be ex, or even a jerky co-worker, Get To Steppin' is what should be used for getting rid of unwanted acquaintances. This oil works best when you have access to the target’s personal items or space.

This oil is made during the dark moon, when the banishment energy is perfectly ripe for the picking.

The oil causes the target to feel tortured, confused and full of anguish until they leave. I’m talking uncomfortable x 1,000. I also made it so that obstacles would continuously pop up until the target was gone.

Try this…

This oil is best used on personal items that will be touched and used exclusively by your target — for example, a brush, comb, shampoo, lotion, on a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing, jewelry, etc.

If you cannot get it on the target’s personal item, the second best thing is to have a signature and/or a picture of the person. Anoint the oil onto the items, then fold them length-wise away from you.

Now get some black thread and wrap the items with the thread. Get three needles or stick pinks and stick them into the thread wrapped paper. When you've completely cussed out the target and told them to leave (to the picture) then light that B**ch on fire from the flame of a black candle. Throw any remains of the spell away. (ashes, wax, pins)

You should be emotionally worked up when you do this. And as you’re doing it, think about the person leaving.

Comes in a 10ml roller bottle