Goddess Lilith Portal
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Goddess Lilith Portal

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Direct Portal to Goddess Lilith.

This powerful portal connects it's owner to Lilith, the goddess of sexuality and Divine Feminine. She has been called the queen of demons and the mother of all witches, and her power and energy must be felt to be believed!

This portal is cast as a conduit, a line of communication between you and the Goddess Lilith, and she can be called upon for help and assistance in times of need.

Lilith brings such gifts as:

  • Self-confidence and personal empowerment
  • Courage and boldness of spirit
  • Strength, determination and drive
  • Discernment and the ability to distinguish Distinguish Truth from lies
  • Powerful protection
  • Revenge and retribution
  • Wish manifestation & attraction magic
  • Increased fertility if desired
  • Healthy pregnancies and Safe Delivery in Childbirth Intense Erotic and lucid dreams
  • Attraction to Sexual Partners and romantic interests
  • Stronger, more powerful orgasms, both alone and with a partner
  • Increased arousal and rejuvenation of lost libido
  • The ability to Drive Human Lovers wildly
  • Empowerment of Ceremonial Magick & moon rituals

Lilith represents the Divine Feminine and her raw, uncontrollable power.

She is a goddess of love and birth, feminine strength and personal empowerment of physical pleasure and primal sexuality. She is the epitome of freedom and courage, a playful and passionate being whose wild, unbridled energy will add incredible power and magical energy to your life!

This vessel is also a powerful divinatory tool and can bring divine knowledge, interpretation and guidance. Place it next to your bed at night to experience lucid and prophetic dreams and to receive divine protection from danger and nightmares.

One tumbled stone will be chosen intuitively for you during portal connection to your personal energy at ritual. This stone will be sent to you as a vessel of the connection but know that you do not NEED to have the vessel to connect once the ritual is complete. YOU will be open to her at any time in need. The vessel is simply cast to enhance the connection of portal and spelled to bring lucid dreaming, connection, luck, and protection.