Witchful Ways


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These spiritually vicious beings can be sent to seek out a target, spread the effect of a spell, channel or absorb ambient energy, and perform many other metaphysical applications. Their main talent, however, is a combination of vampirism and psychic attack that has the potential to truly devastate an enemy. Like an infection, they can bore into the subtle bodies of a target, feeding off of his or her energy, dragging down the mental and emotional states, damaging motivation and discipline, and undermining all productive efforts. They will actually 'feed' off of any negativity, ill wishes, or malicious intent that is sent your way, devouring it only to propel themselves toward the sender and releasing it back to them tenfold in strength. Although seemingly very dark, these beings are actually pretty balanced and do not grow solely within the dark arts. A great addition to your spirit family that will work from control of emotions to downright vengeance.
You don't need to have a beef with someone to have yourself a powerful protector. But it's a great feeling just knowing you have him by your side protecting all you hold dear. This powerful feeder will protect and block negative energy sent your way, along with returning it to the sender times ten. But that's just the tip of the abilities that he offers. There is so much more to owning a feeder that I think gets overlooked. He will offer you prophetic visions, as well as precise in tune intuition. He will amplify any spell you are working on and even bring extra good feeling energy into your life.
Meet H***z! He is well skilled in all his feeder abilities. His focus is protection but it is not a specialty. He will present to you as the shadow he is and his smell of tobacco smoke. He is a companion who, unless called., will stay outside his human's personal space and will manifest as a mist every now and then outside your home.
This companion is still a powerful tool and should be used wisely. He can cause great harm to another and should be given a good set of ground rules once you are connected on who is off-limits. He will normally send back any negative energy without direction unless otherwise advised. Communicate with this companion using oracle tools if needed. Keep instruction for him in or on your altar or magickal space. If instructions change, simply toss or burn the old and start fresh.
This is a strong companion to have in your family. Used wisely and he will become a great tool to have and utilize.
Powerful Protection
Projection and Targeting
Extension of Awareness
Remote Viewing
Far-reaching Spread of Intention and Spell Effects
Energy Channeling and Absorption
Psychic Vampirism
Energetic Regeneration and Rejuvenation
Revenge Magick
Undermining and Binding of Enemy Efforts
Erosion of a Target’s Concentration, Discipline, and Motivation
Expansion and Development of Magick Abilities
Sharpening of Psychic Perception
Deepening of Intuition
Seeing Through Deceptions
Recognition of Opportunities
Discovery of Hidden Treasures and Forms of Value
Continuously Expanding Collection of Knowledge