Haunted Doll David
Haunted Doll David
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Haunted Doll David

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Meet David...
David came to me by pure coincidence. A friend of mine found this little one at an estate sale. The lady there was telling others of the strange happenings that occurred with this doll. So my friend purchased him, then passed him onto me about 6 months ago. It did take me some time to calm him down enough to have a good session with him. Nothing about this vessel has ever been changed, altered, cleaned, or fixed. Thomas chose this vessel for himself. He is not "bound" to it. All chosen vessels are left as is.
Session with David:
David shows me himself as a young boy who grew up in rural Arkansas. He has not specified where exactly in Arkansas or his exact age when he passed, which can mean he was too young to know or he doesn't wish to share. I do gather though that he passed from an appendicitis complication. Most probably, it burst and the infection was too bad to be overcome. There are times when I can feel the shivers of a fever as the interaction continues. He shows me the carnation which to me is a symbol of 'mothers love'. This comes almost immediately followed by a sense of loss and sadness that surrounds a female that was closely tied to David. I can only assume this is his mother and her grief. He then shows me himself making funny faces and trying to get her to smile, but he can not and loses interest in the task as his mother gives him no response. He didn't at that time realize he could not be seen by her. His mother has since passed also and does come around from time to time to check in on him and keep him protected. In the past even helping him to locate a new vessel when an older one was discarded.
With the spirit box I received: WANTING, BOY, TUMMY, AND TOYS. The EMF shows his presence.
These were received after asking what he wanted to tell me about himself.
These along with the definite feeling of sharp pains in lower right abdomen area which brought me to the appendicitis attack and bursting as mentioned above.
He is a rambunctious spirit. You will know he is around by sudden but short sounds of laughter, things being moved, being gently touched, animals being played with, other children's toys being played with, and flickering of lights. His light-hearted playfulness reminds me of having a young child in my home once again.
He is very much looking for a "Motherly" or "Fatherly" type. He loves animals and outside. He has a bit of a hide-and-seek habit. He will hide something and loves when you have to find it. If you ask nice enough he will put the object into sight, but this is a game to him, one that he controls.
David needs a home that can welcome the presence of little hands and a clever mind. He is a compassionate, affectionate spirit and yearns for love and attention from his new parents. He is not malicious in any way but needs a firm owner. He works well with boundaries as long as they are enforced.