Haunted Doll Stacie
Haunted Doll Stacie
Haunted Doll Stacie
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Haunted Doll Stacie

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Meet Miss Stacie.
This haunted item was just recently acquired from a witch's estate. Stacie just recently changed vessels due to her old vessel being forgotten. This new beautiful doll and vessel is by her own choice. 
Stacie is an 8-year-old girl who passed away tragically in the early 1950s. She was from a rural area in West Virginia. She states this doll bears a great likeness to herself. She had beautiful brown hair with loads of curls, her eyes were dark, dark brown, when she was laid to rest, the dress she wore was red and white, and lastly, she has a music box that plays her favorite song. You'll know it when you hear it and then you can sing along to it with her!
Stacie is a gentle soul and is looking for a home where there is a lot of love, where family means everything, and where she can be a part of it all. Stacie left this world sadly at the hands of her own parents. At the time of her passing, she had one younger brother who was also badly abused and she stayed with him as long as she could, because he was eventually moved away, with new parents. She then wandered until she found refuge in a little girl's Betsy McCall doll. She instantly found herself happier than she'd ever been, getting all the love and care she had always missed.
Stacie went through 3 generations in the same family. The last few generations didn't play with her, but she was happy to just watch the times change and feel the love each generation brought forth. In 2012, her vessel was sold to another family who kept it in a box locked away. So she moved on until finding a kind witch who could speak with her, get details about her life, and help her find a vessel of her choosing.
Stacie has always been a caring, helpful spirit. She loves Christmas, birthdays, or any family get-together. She can be a little mischievous from time to time, as she likes to move ornaments on Christmas trees, play with, but not take jewelry, start-up electronic toys, and play with radios or manipulate music on your phones. She is a lover of cooking and cleaning and will regularly be underfoot while you do these tasks. She watches over smaller children and pets as well. Once she knows she can trust you and attaches to you, she will strongly make herself known by whispering in your ear, tugging on clothing, leaving small gifts such as feathers and coins, and seeing she loves music, she will play inspiring songs when she thinks you really need it most.
So do you fit the adoption bill for this kind soul?