Heart candle Bring us Together.
Heart candle Bring us Together.
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Heart candle Bring us Together.

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These are created by me in full ritual using my personal blend of herbs and powders.

You will receive ONE heart shaped candle.

This is to be used to bring love, secure love, or solidify your relationship.

Looking for love? Trying to mend a relationship? Need things to move along faster? This will help in all situations in matters of the heart.

To Use:

Simply light the candle (it has two wicks) while keeping the intention in mind of bringing your love to you and / or keeping you together.

You may choose to use wording such as:

I am yours and you are mine

Our two lives intertwined.

With this flame I draw you near

Our connection is strong and holds hearts dear.

(or whatever you'd like to say!!)