Intention Power Packs
Intention Power Packs
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Intention Power Packs

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These little wonders bring quick bursts of energy to help in manifesting your desires. Created to have extreme Drawing Power to align you to your wants, needs, and desires.

State your intention as you uncork your little bottle. Then pour the contents in a pile onto or into a fire safe dish. Next place a match or flame to the pile to ignite. As the smoke rises and the aroma fills the air sit and think about what it is that you desire and think about it as if it's already in the here and now. Take your time and daydream a bit about what you'll feel like when you receive your request. Give yourself at least five minutes for this, but you may choose to sit as long as you'd like.

These are great to use to enhance your own spellwork or to use to boost spells being cast on your behalf.

Excellent to use on the Full and New moons of the month!!

You will receive 2 vials intended for use on two occasions for any desires.