Witchful Ways


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This adorable companion, named Josephine, is also known as the lady of the house. This beautiful garden/house faerie has an array of helpful abilities to share with her owner. She is a tiny little lady. She has long, straight, red hair and stunning green eyes. Josephine is dressed in a beautiful handmade green dress and prefers to be barefoot all year long, from winter to summer.
She will present to you as a flash of light or a small orb. Children and pets seem to notice her more often than adults, but she will make sure everyone knows she's around. She smells of berries and sometimes lite floral scents as well. She loves music, animals, wildlife, insects, food, plants, and trees of all kinds.
Josephine will work with all kinds of oracle tools. She will leave helpful signs around for you to find. These signs can be for stuff you are working on personally, answers to everyday questions, messages, and much more. So keep your eyes open for stuff that may just pop up.
So, are you ready to allow this little lady to sprinkle magick around your life and house? She's ready to come home to you.
Creating Custom Potions & Elixirs
Improved Health & Healing Magick
Soothing Depression & Grief
Working Magick on your Behalf
Connection and Healing for animals connected to you
Delivering your deepest Wishes to the Universe
Bringing Joy, Happiness, and Tranquility
Reducing Stress and Anxiety
Bringing Good Luck and Good fortune into your life
An Energy of Truth and Harmony
The Attraction of Love & Positive Relationships
Deep earthly connections
Abundance Through Your Creativity
Projection of Positivity and Sense of Peace, Harmony, and Relaxation
Boost of Energy When Feeling Fatigued
Inspiration of Appreciation, Affirmation, and Optimism

You may call your new companion home any time after one hour of purchase. You will receive an email with suggestions on welcoming your new companion home after purchase.

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