Witchful Ways


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This wonderful vintage bead bracelet is a vessel connected to an amazing Spirit companion.


As I interact with this beautiful being she presents herself as a slim figured, early thirties, long blonde haired, blue-eyed vixen. Her dress is sheer and egged with 


The energy that she gives off is very sultry yet soft. The type of energy that you would expect to find from a mixture of the Girl Next Door with the Town Slut. Whoa! :)

The type of energy that is full of passion, desire, and drive. The energy that simply sweeps you off of your feet and into a fantasy of all that you’ve ever wished to receive or be seen as behind closed bedroom doors.You will feel your inhibitions are lowered and you become very relaxed and open to adventurous ideas and play. 


She tells me her name is Valwarda (vahl-wahr-duh) and she is looking for a human to connect with and help. 


She carries extensive healthcare type knowledge  and understands the human conditions. 


She makes it clear that there are areas of health and wellness in all bodies that she will eagerly assist to balance and maintain as well. Sexual health and wellness being a favorite of hers. 


She is ready to come home to any gender. 


The vessel:  This pretty vintage bracelet has been cast with energies to support health and wellness as well as to increase powers of self.

(Esteem, confidence, will power, etc)