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Kart is an amazing dragon energy that is bright, fun, and cheery yet completely dangerous to those that he is targeted on. He will cause some very uncomfortable days and nights to anyone that carries malicious intentions towards you or ill wishes regarding your life. 

He stops short of permanent physical harm, but he likes to teeter on the edge with what he considers and calls “play parts” for him. He will not work on any person that you deem worthy of your connection. So there is no need to worry about the little arguments and disagreements between you and your loved ones…..he always works within the subconscious and is very aware of your connections with others and never oversteps boundaries that way. You may want to be sure that you make it clear to him when you would like an energetic cord cut on a current connection however as he may be hesitant until your confirmation. This applies to those that are your loved ones, of course.

He is LARGE. The size of a house in his preferred state, but he finds it easy to resize himself to whatever is needed to perform his best for you. That may mean sizing down to pocket size or larger than a city block. He uses all tactics to complete his job for you and to interact with you.



The alignment is right for you to step into your power! Let go of what no longer serves you and place your focus on your next moves towards prosperity, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

These amazing bracelets were cast from the opening of the portal on July 26th through Aug. 8th, 2021 which was also the New Moon! 
The 8th day of the 8th month! - a magickally potent time for all kinds of magick!
On this day, a portal opens up to its greatest peak between our realm and the realm of ancient magickal energies.

This is the luckiest day of the year, a day of great opportunity to look at all areas of our life and to invite huge positive change with magick! 
Allow us to harness this most powerful, magickal, luckiest of days so that you can benefit from it all year by wearing or keeping one of these imbued bracelets.

More Info:

Sirius – A Rising Star

We enter through the Lion’s Gate on 8/8 to receive infinite empowerment! The Lion’s Gate opens every year around July 26, activating a tremendous amount of star power energy. It reaches its peak on August 8 (8/8) and stays open until about August 12.  From the sky perspective, this event is marked by the rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.

Sirius is a star of legends, known for bestowing wealth, honor, devotion, passion, and powerful creative talent. The Lion’s Gate is a portal for accelerated ascension and major shifts on all levels. You’re always creating your reality, but when the Gate is open, everything moves faster and with intensified energy. Bottom line is that we will be using the Gateway to multiply your efforts and keep them burning until full fruition.

Infinity 8

The Lion’s Gate is at maximum power on the eighth day of the eighth month, activating the energetic power of 8/8. In numerology, 8 embodies balance and equalization in and across all realms. 8 brings shifts and changes that bring harmony and alignment. When under the influence of 8, being willing to let go of things tipping the scales out of balance is key to success and peace. Far-reaching ideas, achievement, financial security, leadership, organization, and ambition are all expressions of the number 8 vibration.

The infinity symbol is an 8 on its side, representing limitless power and infinite immortality. It’s a symbol that flows forever without end. It encompasses going in and out and continuous cycles within cycles. 8 holds the same shape as our DNA structure and stores codes that we can access, especially at times like Lion’s Gate opening.

Leo the Lion

Leo rules the heart and is filled with pride, sense of purpose, generosity, and an enduring passion for creating and expressing life in all forms. Stepping through the Lion’s Gate is to awaken to the Divinity within you and fully embody your divine-self!

Leo is a fixed fire sign that infuses everything with fortified and resilient life force. Leo rules the heart, teaching us to lead from the heart, motivate from the heart, and live from the heart. The Lion’s Gate beckons us to enter a new dimension of living where our brilliance and the brilliance of all other beings can rise, be seen, shared, and fully received. If we’re open and have the courage to cross the threshold, the Lion’s Gate will pull us into Divine alignment, from which our true power can be accessed and used in all the ways we were created to shine.

Solar Plexus Superpower

The Sun and Leo are naturally associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is the seat of your personal power. The Lion’s Gate opening is an invitation to accept and amplify your own power and use it in ever-expanding ways. A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra manifests as self-confidence, healthy self-control, and willpower. It directly correlates to prosperity and the entire cycle of manifestation. If you’ve been struggling with finances, you can use this energy portal to guide your stream of thought in the direction of abundance and tap into the frequency and flow of money and resource.

By now, you’re probably getting the idea that the Lion’s Gate is a vortex of serious power!  This is why I feel so drawn to bring these amazing magickals to you. I chose these designs because they are the Chinese power wealth bracelets as well. 

SOOOOO much magickal goodness awaits you!!

You get ALL of this in your magickal along with the New Moon 'general' energies of: 

RELEASE of what no longer serves you and SETTING Manifesting seeds, initiations, new beginnings, releasing the old, freeing yourself of what has been holding you back.