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Mayhem Maker

Energy: Male

Name: Krayslub


Mayhem Makers revel in the dark. In being destructive. In being feared and vengeful. They are the type that cause chaos and mayhem wherever they please but especially when one is deemed deserving. Horrible dreams...when one can sleep. Physical ailments of the annoying type such as dull headaches, tooth and mouth pain, sore muscles, blurry vision, lack of coordination, nausea, and bowel issues will come to those that are targeted by Mayhem Makers. They accentuate and exaggerate the unpleasant that is found. Although this is the type of mayhem others will deal with, their human companions are held in highest regard and given ultimate protection. They will utterly destroy anyone or thing trying to impress negativity forces your way. Crushing those low vibes before they even make it to your space. They are excellent at warnings of pending issues and major catastrophes as well. 


Krayslub presents as a powerful big cat male energy. You can almost feel the vibration of the sound he creates when he is sent 'on attack".  His ability to help in situations where decisions of major effect are required is amazing. Putting your mind at ease and allowing the logical thought to occur without the emotional attachment to the outcome brings powerful insight for positive changes. 


  • Powerful and Brutal Vengeance Magick
  • Absolute Protection of his Human companion and family
  • Adding Energy to Command and Control Magick
  • Wish Manifestation Magick
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Finding Treasure & Windfalls
  • Health, Healing & Longevity
  • Adding Power to All Magickal Endeavors
  • Casting Spells on Your Behalf
  • Teaching/Imparting Magickal Knowledge
  • Increased Divination & 3rd Eye Skills
  • Sex and Domination Magick
  • Virility, Sexual Longevity, Arousal, Attraction of the Erotic
  • Ascension Into Full Power
  • Relief from Depression and Anxiety
  • Assistance through Loss and Grief
  • Respect from Allies and Fear from Enemies
  • Development of Commanding Presence