Lapis Lazuli Psychic Awakening Set
Lapis Lazuli Psychic Awakening Set
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Lapis Lazuli Psychic Awakening Set

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These stunning lapis lazuli in sterling silver setting pendant and earrings have been worked through a full year of lunar cycles and are ready to go to their new owner. Their final ritual cast was held within the summer retreat coven cast of June.
This beautiful magickal helps to open your psychic abilities and empower your senses. It will greatly enhance abilities you may already have or kick start any that are lying dormant. It is a powerful magickal set that helps you find inner peace, intuition, and wisdom. 

With opening your abilities you are opening up the door to receive messages, insight, and guidance from your angels and guides in so many ways. Signs and answers will become more obvious to you as you traverse through your daily life. Dreams will have new meanings that you can understand, and astral travels become something that, in time, will become second nature to you.  When you have the guidance and understanding of that guidance, life tends to become a bit more ease and flow with far fewer bumps in the roads!

Wearing or carrying this amazing set will bring visions and signs for you to follow if you choose to do so.
Know that if you are an empath this set will fine-tune your ability as well as amplify it. So if you are sensitive to others' energies, practice self-shielding, especially for large crowd situations. If you are particularly close to someone, like a child or parent, this set will allow you to tune into their energy as well, even over great distances.