LIFE of Luxury Vintage brooch.
LIFE of Luxury Vintage brooch.
LIFE of Luxury Vintage brooch.
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LIFE of Luxury Vintage brooch.

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A wonderful Vintage brooch from Germany. This is an offering from a crone witch's working magickal collection.

A beautiful brooch that carries with it more than 35 years of magickal knowledge. 

This piece has amazing energies to keep you in a LIFE OF LUXURY. 

This can mean different things to different people! Luxury in all areas of life for yourself and, in turn, for those you care for as well. 

Financial aspects of this piece bring with it stability in income. Maintaining a positive energy flow to universal financial abundance to you. Keeping the cash and asset loss to a minimum for those that like to 'gamble' with their finances. Again, this could mean stock market or casino! ;) Building wealth and prosperity is a primary benefit.

Love and Relationship aspects keeps you in a flow of loving, healthy, and committed connections. Whether you're looking for new love, working within a current relationship, or need help in repairing a connection with a family member or co-worker, this piece will assist in all of those.

Health aspects of this piece support a lifestyle of healthy choices and maintaining good habits while releasing the rest. We often times overlook how good health is a luxury until we no longer have it! Warding off illness and depression is another great aspect of this magickal.