Lillianna with Vessel
Lillianna with Vessel
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Lillianna with Vessel

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May I introduce to you Lillianna the Lady Bug. She is a wonderfully fun and helpful little companion. So full of energy and life. She is a wonderful one-of-a-kind companion that will help bring magick, luck, and love into your life every day.
She will bond strongly with her human. She is highly protective and will do everything in her power to keep you from sickness and do all she can to shield you from the harm of others, both emotionally and physically. She will calm anxiety, help release fear, and boost your confidence.
She is so strong in her abilities that she will add energy at will to any request. Need an extra boost to get through the day? Ask her to add a sprinkle of magick to your coffee. Want that special someone to notice you? Ask her to sprinkle a bit of magick into their coffee. Please note, she won't go against someone's free will, but she will do what she can if there is any chance. Need to be more productive? Ask her to sprinkle a bit of luck into your dinner the night before and watch what happens the next day. The possibilities are endless.
She will present to you as flashes of light, herself, and she will come to you with her beautiful voice in your dreams and meditations. Just wait till you hear her sing!
Please leave a small cap full of sugar water or honey for her. Some flowers if you get the chance, or have a nice house plant for her. She will make her home anywhere.
Creative Inspiration
Increased Development of Talents
Maximization of Success in Your Craft
Abundance Through Your Creativity
Mental and Emotional Balance and Stability
Empowerment of Intuition
Development of Communication
Attracting Prosperity
Improving Health and Healing
Increasing Energy
Providing Immunity to Some Illnesses
Offering Heightened Virility and/or Fertility, if Desired
Empowering Growth & Advancement
Drawing Good Luck & Good Fortune
Cleansing & Balancing
Drawing Sensual Partners
Helping to Manifest Positive Outcome
ABOUT THIS VESSEL: Her vessel is an adorable and sparkly bug pin. This piece has been cast through personal ritual to imbue it with energies of: