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LIVE Reading

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A reading with me is a unique opportunity to receive guidance and insight that can be truly life changing. 

I dive into an intuitive reading and communicate with straight-forward sugar coatings, answering any questions you may have in any category of your life. Expect precise answers in all subjects including but not limited to communicating with your guides, your love life, family relationships, career possibilities and your finances.

I am happy to provide these readings in real time via Zoom to help you to traverse through those times when decisions need to be made or circumstances seem to be out of control. We'll chat like old friends and work our way through it so that you gain clarity, perspective, and direction regarding your issue, situation, or questions.

 60 minutes or 30 minutes.  

Once purchased, I will contact you via FB messenger or Email (if you don't have messenger) to schedule a time for your session.

I will also be stepping into your energy field and cleansing it of residual, stagnant energy and negativity the evening of this reading. You need do nothing for this part but be receptive to the idea of the cleansing.


Members of the Sister Circle receive discounts on readings!! See your membership area for discount info.