Locket Spell
Locket Spell
Locket Spell
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Locket Spell

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These are some of my favorite type of magickal. Lockets can be so useful in so many way. Drawing love or any desire to you...even if it's simply more happiness.


You to put a photo of yourself and the target of your desire in this locket and the magick will do the rest. You can use a person's photo, a picture of an item, or a dollar amount written on a piece of paper....whatever has a personal connection for YOU to the object of your desire.

The act of placing your photo together within the locket will activate the magick and send the energies into universal flow to being drawing it directly to you or making things happen to allow it.

The spells within this piece will 'lock down' your desire, eliminating any doubts, hesitations, or fears about it's manifestation into your life, taking away all forms of outside influence and making a very bold statement that nothing will hold your desire from you.

Obstacles will be overcome and pitfalls will be avoided with the lock down locket spells.