Love Heart spell
Love Heart spell
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Love Heart spell

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These are created by me in full ritual using my personal blend of herbs and powders.

This is to be used to bring love, secure love, or solidify your relationship.

Looking for love? Trying to mend a relationship? Need things to move along faster? This will help in all situations in matters of the heart.

To Use:

Take a pin (or your preferred utensil) to carve your name into the smooth side of the heart. If there is a particular person you are wanting to draw to you or you are in a relationship, carve their name as well.

Take the heart into your hands and say:

Love comes to me, it finds the way.

My heart is ready and open today.

That love is strong, that love is pure.

And above all, it is secure.

It is stated, it is so.

Place the heart under your pillow or next to your bed for two nights.

On the third night take the heart and heat it up by placing it in a wax warmer, or placing into a glass or aluminum container in a shallow pan.

Once melted remove the rose quartz stone. This you will keep as a talisman of your spell. carry it, place it in sacred space, or use it in any other magickal work of the same desired outcome.

Now take a printed picture, drawing, or paper (included) with both your and the person's name written on it or the traits of the mate you're working to attract and fold it twice towards you. Drop this into the wax and allow the wax to cool....this will seal the paper and the spell.

Keep this tucked away for 28 days and then remove it from the home. (feel free to keep the stone for matters of the heart and self love).